How does the house off a wooden house builder look? Situated in Gheorgheni, Harghita County, this House belongs to the founder of Domus Carpatica and isn’t  different in any way to the technical solutions chosen by other houses that we had raised. Maybe it’s just that extra attention was given by the owner to the insulation. The usable living surface  is 200 m2 and the walls have the thickness of 160 mm, being plated with mineral wool, as well as the roof, whose panels have a thickness of 300 mm, and are made from lamellar girders .

_ JCT3025-3

Winters are heavy in the Giurgeu, but this House is prepared to offer all the comforts for the Boissy family . The beneficial effect of insulation with mineral wool is complemented by optimising windowed surfaces and positioning the house on the South/South-East axis and also by recycling the foul air which recovers 80% of the lost heat.

Average annual temperature inside the House is 23 degrees Celsius,in winter heating beeing realised by a woodburning central heating burner, which consume about 8 m3  firewood per season (a m3 is 50Euro).

The House is completed by a garage, inside which the winter temperature is maintained at 12 degrees and a sauna, which eagerly awaits the owners to put into operation.

Meanwhile “wooden house Boissy” is nearing completion, the shy start comes from Patrick’s vision of how a wooden house should look in Harghita, photos in the Gallery sheding light on the innovative technologies used to achieve his goal, namely building a House with a maximum energy efficiency.

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